October 23, 2020



Some People say that in today’s technological world, there’s no use in learning spelling and grammatical rules because the newest advanced technological tools do this for us. But this argument falls when it comes to literacy knowledge.

The students must know these basic things i.e. punctuation, spellings, and grammar rules because these serve as the best impression. For example, in the communicational field, the most important of it is the Business field where everything relies on communication skills. The business field follows the English language and English will be strong only when we’ll be familiar with the English basic things. For learning purposes, there are many spelling test competitions that are held in the world.

The technological world is the same as the Business field. When the user of the computer will know the English then he/she can find the word on the laptop or keyboard. If the user doesn’t know about the “ALT” or “SHIFT” button then how can we proceed with the technology? If the user can’t spell the words properly and read the sentences then how would he be able to understand the instructions that the specific tool follows? Access to technology demands a strong grip on the language that is understood by humans i.e displayed on the monitor in the human-readable language (English).

While using computers, spelling does matter. This thinking is wrong that spelling and grammar have nothing to do with the technological tool because they have a computer at hand.  If you type any word inaccurately that a computer will not be able to find then Google will say “Did you mean ABC”. For these things, we must know the English basics.

Why is it important for the children to learn spellings even in this digital era?

It doesn’t matter if the technology world is entering in all the fields, still, there’ll be the space in the context of “importance” of spellings and other English basics. For a child, it is very important to learn English basics especially spellings because spellings help the students to know the connection between the letters that made them be a word.

Several auto-correction tools are there that are termed as spell checkers. Their work is to make the whole document or text proof from spell errors. As I mentioned above, most people think that there’s no use of spellings because of these tools. One thing to remember always;

“Literacy covers more fields than technology”

Either it is educational life or general life, the skill to spell words will get the same importance as these terms received before.

What are Dolch Sight words?

In the context of English Learning, there comes another concept named “Dolch sight words”. These are those frequency words that appear most in the English vocabulary. Whether it is any school book, article, blog, or any high-quality research paper, these words appear the most. Dolch sight words are 220 in number and serve as the betterment in the fluency of reading English.

These words are divided into a noun and non-noun words that are enlisted as;

  • Non-noun words:
    • Pre-premier (40 words) – a, and, come, funny, go, two, were, help, here, …
    • Premier (52 words) – all, black, eat, they, this, ride, please, good, …
    • Grade 1 (41 words) – after, ask, every, from, live, once, take, them, …
    • Grade 2 (46 words) – always, before, best, could, does, pull, would, …
    • Grade 3 (41 words) – about, carry, draw, drink, myself, never, own, …
  • Noun words (95 words) – ball, bell, egg, farm, children, corn, fish, flower, …

Why is it important to learn Dolch sight words?

English reading fluency is increased by the learning Dolch sight words because these words appear in every document of the educational process from a lower grade to higher grade.

When the students will learn Dolch sight words then it will be easy to proceed in the educational life. In the technological world, these words are also the most commonly used. The whole internet works on the English language as it is known as an international language. The data which is transmitted from one place to another is also displayed in the English language. So, spelling words and grammatical rules are important for the children to learn.

What are the tools used for learning new words?

As the technology world is enhancing and increasing day by day, so the new tools and applications are coming onboard day by day. It becomes difficult for someone to believe which tool is best because some tools are paid. One of the best tools for this purpose is SpellQuiz that is very useful for the students in the English learning process.

This tool is based on the grading system that is grouped into the different words entitled under Grade 1 to Grade 12. On the other hand, it makes the learner comfortable because it is the most widely used tool for le