March 6, 2021

Secure Your Data With Safe-T And Know About NASDAQ:SFET





With the increase in data theft and hackers around the world, it has become highly important for businesses and individuals to secure their data. For people who have been working from home and accessing their business files, it becomes a concern for the businesses to know which files are being accessed and who is accessing them. Safe-T has revolutionized data security by creating the Zero Trust Access solution and that has created all the difference in its NASDAQ:SFET at . SafeT requires you to identify yourself first and then access the files thus preventing and mishandling or leakage of data.


Benefits offered by SafeT

  1. Distributed File System For Windows Servers.
  2. Simple installation, rollout, and integration process.
  3. Preventing any unauthorized access to files by encrypting or changing file formats.


What You Can Do With SafeT

  • You can control access to files or applications thus allowing only specific people to specific files.
  • Get the files sorted in a strictly “need to know” basis.
  • You can allow alerts to know about any hacks or data thefts even before it has happened. This significant application of Zero Trust Access Solution has made people trust in SafeT and buy their NASDAQ:SFET stocks seeing the potential of the technology.
  • It improves the user experience for all your employees.
  • Analytics allows you to analyze the activity of your employees and know who is spending what amount of time on which data. This enables you to understand user behavior better.
  • The software is completely flexible and scalable. This allows you to set your terms on the files and data.


Investing in Safe-T Stocks

Every investor has a set of factors that allow him to decide whether to buy the stocks or not. These factors are very essential to look at, as these provide us with statistics about the growth of the company and how long can it sustain in the long run. Hence, before investing in NASDAQ:SFET one must always analyze the following data properly;

  1. Market Cap – 18,879,303
  2. Exchange – NASDAQ – CM
  3. Sector – Technology
  4. Industry – Computer Software – Prepackaged Software
  5. Share Volume – 2,072,992
  6. Average Volume Label – 2,635,756
  7. Yearly High/Low – $40.00/ $0.93
  8. EPS (Earnings Per Share) – $-24.88

All the above factors play a vital role in determining the investment of the company. Hence, it is the company’s task to constantly provide values and products that are beneficial for people and hence grow their market cap.


Safe-T has been providing a lot of great stuff that has been recognized and understood by many businesses and individuals. In this age of data theft, securing the data and allowing full access to the business over the viewing and usage of data, is a big deal and that is made possible by Safe-T. This trust and the quality of services have allowed the shares of NASDAQ:SFET to stand where they are and make a promising claim to be just the same or even better. Now more and more people start penny stock trading . Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.