February 26, 2021

10 Tips For Successfully Hiring Professional Voice-overs

A few books regarding the matter:

There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is: An Insider’s Guide to a murf in Voice-Overs – by Elaine A. Clark

Mysteries of Voice-Over Success: Top Voice-Over Actors Reveal How They Did It – by Joan Baker

The Art of Voice Acting: second Edition – by James Alburger

The Page You Made: Word of Mouth – by Susan Blu, Molly Ann Mullin

Work in Voiceover Acting: composed by a Casting Director


Whenever you’ve understood your voice, you need to understand what your reach is and, by affiliation, what your market is.

Is it true that you are the tasteful BMW voice, the GenX cheeseburger fellow, the Don Pardo game show have? You could be each of the three and the sky is the limit from there. Realizing all that you can do will assist you with advancing yourself with certainty and heading.

Start with your ordinary talking voice. What does your mentor say? Is it accurate to say that you are the “everyman” voice? The “hip, restless” voice? The “common host” voice? Whichever comes the simplest might be your meat and potatoes. Cultivate it. What you and your mentor choose will turn into the highlight of your advancement.

Yet, don’t stop there! Presently begin extending your voice. Attempt inflections, character voices – both expansive and inconspicuous (this is the place where the acting classes prove to be useful). Anything you can do with your voice might be called upon for any of the distinctive voice over market specialties out there!

Here are the fundamental zones you may look for some kind of employment:

Radio/TV plugs


Business portrayal

Kid’s shows

IVR/voice message welcome

Web sound

In case you’re COUNTRY you most likely won’t get a lot of animation work and in case you’re CITY you presumably won’t get a lot of IVR/phone message welcome work. In any case, ALL of these zones may require ANY TYPE of voice style! In this way, the more extensive your reach, the more extensive your work potential.